Like most small businesses we are wondering if and when we might get back to some sort of normality. We hope that we can be in a position to offer a print service, to our existing customers and hopefully some new ones too.
Our industry supplies a lot to businesses, schools, universities, clubs and events organisers. So it’s not as easy to just go back to work when your largest users are unable to do the same!
No gatherings, means no promotional wear will be needed. No school trips closes another door, no events where many people will gather!
School, college and university leavers hoodies, traditionally a popular seller look hardly likely to happen too!
So we can go back to work soon, but will anybody have the need to buy anything and will they have the money!
This is not now just about a quick return to work and catch up on the backlog, there is no backlog. There will just be many desperate people trying to get work in order to try and start to rebuild.
Our case was not helped by the refusal of multi millionaire owners to allow a little leeway on the rent we pay, so we have been paying full rent for two months and have had no income. Thankfully the government offered the furlough scheme which will at least keep the losses down.
That’s my moan out of the way now, we have survived 33 years in business so far, so hopefully we will come through this.

How do we kickstart the economy, the easiest way in my opinion is to buy locally. We almost all use Google to search out anything and it’s the same go to, if you are looking for a supplier of a certain product. What I feel we all need to do is NOT just go for the number one or even the first page on the Google search, you will find that the top ones on any search are always the ones that have paid for that privilege and you are not always getting value buying from a company that spends more money on marketing than anything else! Google came up with the idea of offering you a local supplier if for instance you type in ‘t shirt printing company’ the usual offerings are local firms, but they might give the impression they are, but that’s not always the case. I have typed in ‘Leeds t shirt printers’ and companies are coming up that are not in Leeds they are just manipulating the web searches by throwing big money at it.
If you do feel you would like to buy locally please check this before buying.

Of course some areas don’t have a local printer and we like many businesses have customers from all over the country, just please don’t always let the fact that the website is pristine and they are number 1 on the search engine mean that you don’t give the smaller businesses a chance to work with you. I think you will find that most of the smaller businesses with few employees appreciate your custom a lot more.