Hooded Tops and Jumpers

Very popular with everyone from schools, universities, sports clubs, workwear through to casual wear.
Workwear is an area that has grown over the last ten years, traditionally it would be corporate wear but now the uniform option is just as popular with any size business, from one person set ups to five, ten, 20 employees or more.
The cost used to be restrictive, but now that technology has moved on this option is affordable for any size business. The sweatshirt sometimes referred to as a jumper is a great option for manual workers, the long sleeve is particularly useful as a shield when working with and lifting items around.
Sports clubs will often add a sweatshirt as part of their kit, it is more casual and robust as outerwear that can be worn over the sports top or independently.
Universities have lots of clubs on campus, it is quite popular to have a club related design made exclusively for it’s members.

We regularly supply and print Leavers hoodies for schools, the usual option is the school crest or logo on the left chest, this can be printed or embroidered.
The back print will usually say Leavers in bold type and then under this will be the individual names usually within the year number, this year it would be the number 20.
They are also a popular option for school trips, the format will usually include the destination city or country making this a great moment for all.

Leavers hoodie
Leavers hoodies for schools and universities